Bandhan Express Train Time Table, Fare & Route (Maitree Express 2)

Bandhan Express train Time Table and Fare

The Bandhan Express is an international and luxury passenger train, which runs between Kolkata and Khulna. The train is also known as Maitree Express 2 to many people. In this post, we will share with you the Bandhan Express train time table, route, fare and ticket booking process. There are some necessary issues that you need to know to travel on this route.

On 9th November 2016, the Bandhan Express train was inaugurated from Kolkata Railway Station by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, through video conferencing. Then the train started commercially on 16th November 2016.

After the India-Pakistani war in 1965, the passenger train between Khulna and Kolkata was closed. After 52 long years, that train has been introduced in a new way. With the launch of this train, the two friendly relations between the two countries have been introduced to make it more robust.

The Bandhan Express is the second international train service between Bangladesh and India. On the other hand, the Maitree Express is the first international train service, which runs from Dhaka to Kolkata. These trains are playing a role in facilitating communication between two neighboring countries.

Bandhan Express train time table

Provisionally, the train runs only one day a week according to India and Bangladesh Railway train schedule and operates by Indian Railway coaches. Bandhan Express train departs at 07:10 (Morning) from Kolkata on Thursday and reaches at Khulna Railway Station at 12:30 (Afternoon). On the same day, the train departs at 13:30 (Afternoon) from Khulna Railway Station and reaches in Kolkata at 18:10 (Evening). It takes about 5:30 hours to reach the destination.

The Bandhan Express train time table is-

Train No Route Departure Arrival
3129 Kolkata to Khulna 07:10 am 12:30 pm
3130 Kolkata to Khulna 01:30 pm 06:10 pm

Bandhan Express Fare

If you are interested to travel by train on this route, a valid passport and visa are needed to book a ticket. Only after showing these documents a ticket would be issued to you. Online ticket booking service is not available for it; you have to go physically the specific counters for booking a ticket.

The seating capacity of this train is 456, where two types of Seat. All of the seats are modern and air-conditioned; there is no non air-conditioned seat here. A passenger has to pay VAT and Travel tax the train ticket price. Here we have mentioned the Bandhan Express Fare included VAT and travel tax here.

Seat Class Fare
AC Seat 2000.00
AC Chair 1500.00

For children between 1 and 5 years, 50% less than above ticket prices. The train ticket prices are mentioned according to Bangladeshi currency. 15% VAT and Tk. 500 travel tax are applicable with all kind of tickets price of the trains which run between Bangladesh and India.

Bandhan Express Route and Distance

Bandhan Express Route Map

The train passes through Petropole (India) – Benapole (Bangladesh) border. The distance from Kolkata to Khulna is 178.85 kilometers (according to Bangladesh Railway website) to by train. The Bandhan Express Route is-

Kolkata – Dum Dum – Bongaon – Petropole – Benapole – Jhikargacha – Josshore – Khulna

Keep in mind that, the train doesn’t get up and down the passengers anywhere on the journey. We have given details about train schedule from Kolkata to Khulna and Khulna to Kolkata here according to Bangladesh Railway website.

Kolkata to Khulna Khulna to Kolkata
  • Kolkata- 07:10 (Departure)
  • Petropole- 08:55 (Arrival), 09:05 (Departure)
  • Benapole- 09:45 (Arrival), 10:45 (Departure)
  • Khulna- 12:30 (Arrival)
  • Khulna- 13:30 (Arrival)
  • Benapole- 15:15 (Arrival), 16:30 (Departure)
  • Petropole- 16:10 (Arrival), 16:20 (Departure)
  • Kolkata- 18:10 (Departure)

Here, Khulna and Benapole time table has been given according to Bangladesh Standard Time (BST) and Kolkata and Petropole time table has been given according to Indian Standard Time (IST).

Charges for excess Baggage on this route

The baggage carrying capacity of the Bandhan Express is the same as the Maitree Express. You can carry up to 35 kg against your ticket without any duty fee and 20 kg against a child ticket. If a passenger carries more weight than the specified weight, then he has to pay charges for excess baggage. The charges for excess Baggage are mentioned below on this route.

Baggage Weight Charges (Per KG)
Adult Passenger
35 KG – 50 KG USD 2.00
Up to 50 KG USD 10.00
Child Passenger
20 KG – 35 KG USD 2.00
Up to 35 KG USD 10.00

However, these rates have been kept excessively high to dissuade misuse of the train for carrying goods for commercial purpose. Also, to keep the luggage within reasonable limits so that immigration and customs checks are completed in time and the train isn’t detained.

Immigration and Customs Formalities on Kolkata-Dhaka Route

Before leaving or after reaching the Kolkata Railway Station, you must complete the processing of immigration and customs there for India. On the hand, you must also complete the processing of immigration and customs at Benapole Port in Bangladesh to travel by train on this route.

Catering services

There are also catering services for the convenience of the passengers in this train. A passenger can take any food and drinks on payment.

If you are interested to travel on the Dhaka-Kolkata route, the Maitree Express will be the best way to you. You could know the Maitree Express train schedule and the necessary information for the journey on this route. You can visit to know more-

After all, the Bandhan Express will be the best way to travel to you on this route. We think that this post will be helpful for your journey. If you want you can share your opinion or the train journey experience with us through comments. Have a great trip.

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