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BD train tracker – How to check a train location of Bangladesh Railway

BD train tracker of Bangladesh Railway

You are waiting at the railway station, but the train to your destination is delayed. If you want, you can find out where the train is now and how long it can take to reach the station through the BD train tracker from your mobile. We have tried details with you in this post, how to check train location and other easily by BD train tracking.

To make the rail communication system more easily and dynamic, the Bangladesh Railway Authority has included modern information & technology. The train tracker system is one of them, which was launched on December 16, 2014. Using this technology, the passengers will be able to know their current location, time of departure, next stoppage & train movement schedule of the desired train through return SMS on mobile.

The technology of BD train tracker is operated on Global Positioning System (GPS) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), whose full name is Train Tracking & Monitoring System (TTMS). Using this technology, the TTMS Monitoring Team of the railway authorities is guided by the trains transported on different routes. As like how long will a train stand at a stoppage, which crossing another and which train will be given priority etc. Besides, the actual position and speed of the train are also known through the tracking system. As a result, innovation in operations has increased, and overall efficiency has increased of Bangladesh Railway.

BD Train Tracker Process

At present Robi and Banglalink, customers of these two mobile operator companies will be able to enjoy this facility from their mobile phone simple by SMS. A passenger will have to send the train no and code by typing the TR from his mobile and sending the message to 16318 (Please give space after typing TR). After sending the message to 16318 successfully, you can get the message back where the desired train is located, the next stoppage and others.

For example, you want to go from Dhaka to Sylhet by riding on the Joyantika Express and wants to know the current location. In this case, the train no of Joyantika Express is 717 according to Dhaka to Sylhet train Schedule. Then the method of sending SMS will be-

BD train tracking

Previously, this tracking service was available for Grameenphone users, but this service is not available now. But, users of Grameenphone can buy a ticket through the mobile phone at some of the specified destinations. The Bangladesh Railway has plans to provide this BD train tracker service through online in the future. When the facility is opened online, the passengers can check the train location from the Bangladesh Railway website.

Train Code/No for BD Train Tracker

You can send SMS by mentioning the train code or no. This no is mentioned on the ticket. Following the below list to find this code or No of Bangladesh Railway.

Train Name Train No. Train Code Off Day From T0
Dhaka to Chittagong
Subarna Express 701 Subarna Monday Chittagong Dhaka
Subarna Express 702 Subarna Monday Dhaka Chittagong
Mohanagar Goduli 703 Godhuliu N0 Chittagong Dhaka
Mohanagar Provati 704 ProvatiD No Dhaka Chittagong
Mohanagar Express 721 ProvatiU Sunday Chittagong Dhaka
Mohanagar Express 722 GodhuliD Sunday Dhaka Chittagong
Sonar Bangla Express 787 Tuesday Chittagong Dhaka
Sonar Bangla Express 788 Wednesday Dhaka Chittagong
Turna Express 741 TurnaU No Chittagong Dhaka
Turna Express 742 TurnaD No Dhaka Chittagong
Dhaka to Sylhet
Parabat Express 709 Para Tuesday Dhaka Sylhet
Parabat Express 710 Para Tuesday Sylhet Dhaka
Joyantika Express 717 JoyantU No Dhaka Sylhet
Joyantika Express 718 JoyantD Thursday Sylhet Dhaka
Upaban Express 739 UpabanU Wednesday Dhaka Sylhet
Upaban Express 740 UpabanD No Sylhet Dhaka
Kalani Express 773 Kaloni Friday Dhaka Sylhet
Kalani Express 774 Kaloni Friday Sylhet Dhaka
Dhaka to Rajshahi
Silkcity express 753 Silk Sunday Dhaka Rajshahi
Silkcity express 754 Silk Sunday Rajshahi Dhaka
Padma Express 759 Padma Tuesday Dhaka Rajshahi
Padma Express 760 Padma Tuesday Rajshahi Dhaka
Dhumketue Express 769 Dhum Saturday Dhaka Rajshahi
Dhumketue Express 770 Dhum Friday Rajshahi Dhaka
Dhaka to Khulna
Sundarban express 725 Sundar Tuesday Khulna Dhaka
Sundarban express 726 Sundar Wednesday Dhaka Khulna
Chittra Express 763 Chitra Monday Khulna Dhaka
Chittra Express 764 Chitra Monday Dhaka Khulna
Dhaka to Rangpur
Rangpur Express 771 Rangpur Sunday Dhaka Rangpur
Rangpur Express 772 Rangpur Sunday Rangpur Dhaka
Dhaka to Kishoreganj
Egaro Sindhur Provati 737 egaropu Wednesday Dhaka Kishoregonj
Egaro Sindhur Provati 738 egaropd No Kishoregonj Dhaka
Egaro Sindhur Godhuli 749 egarogu No Dhaka Kishoregonj
Egaro Sindhur Godhuli 750 egarogd Wednesday Kishoregonj Dhaka
Kishoregonj Express 781 Kishor Friday Dhaka Kishoregonj
Kishoregonj Express 782 Kishor Friday Kishoregonj Dhaka
Chittagong to Sylhet
Paharika Express 719 PaharU Monday Chittagong Sylhet
Paharika Express 720 PaharD Saturday Sylhet Chittagong
Uddayan Express 723 UdayU Saturday Chittagong Sylhet
Uddayan Express 724 UdayD Sunday Sylhet Chittagong
Bijoy Express 785 Wednesday Chittagong Mymensingh
Bijoy Express 786 Tuesday Mymensingh Chittagong
Khulna to Rajshahi
Kapotaskh express 715 Kapot Saturday Khulna Rajshahi
Kapotaskh express 716 Kapot Saturday Rajshahi Khulna
Sagardari Express 761 Sagar Monday Khulna Rajshahi
Sagardari Express 762 Sagar Monday Rajshahi Khulna
Dhaka to Dinajpur
Ekota Express 705 Ekota Tuesday Dhaka Dinajpur
Ekota Express 706 Ekota Monday Dinajpur Dhaka
Drutajan Express 757 Druta Wednesday Dhaka Dinajpur
Drutajan Express 758 Druta Wednesday Dinajpur Dhaka
Dhaka to Dewanganj
Tista Express 707 tista Monday Dhaka Dewangong
Tista Express 708 tista Monday Dewangong Dhaka
Bhramanputra Express 743 brahma No Dhaka Dewangong
Bhramanputra Express 744 brahma No Dewangong Dhaka
Sirajgonj Express 775 Saturday Sirajgonj Dhaka
Sirajgonj Express 776 Saturday Dhaka Sirajgonj
Dhaka to Tarakandi (Jamalpur)
Aghnibina Express 735 Agni No Dhaka Tarakandi
Aghnibina Express 736 Agni No Tarakandi Dhaka
Jamuna Express 745 Jamuna No Dhaka Tarakandi
Jamuna Express 746 Jamuna No Tarakandi Dhaka
Dhaka to Chilahati
Nilsagar Express 765 Nil Monday Dhaka Chilahati
Nilsagar Express 766 Nil Sunday Chilahati Dhaka
Dhaka to Noakhali
Upukol Express 711 Upakul Wednesday Noakhali Dhaka
Upukol Express 712 Upakul Tuesday Dhaka Noakhali
Dhaka Cantt. to Kolkata
Maitree express 3107/ 3110 Moitree Mon, Tue & Thu Dhaka Cantt. Kolkata
Maitree express 3108/ 3109 Moitree Wed, Thu & Fri Kolkata Dhaka Cantt.
Dhaka to Lalmonirhat
Lalmoni Express 751 Lal Friday Dhaka Lalmonirhat
Lalmoni Express 752 Lal Friday Lalmonirhat Dhaka
Dhaka to Mohaganj
Haor Express 777 Haor Wednesday Dhaka Mohanganj
Haor Express 778 Haor Thursday Mohanganj Dhaka
Chittagong to Chandpur
Meghna Express 729 Meghna No Chittagong Chandpur
Meghna Express 730 Meghna No Chandpur Chittagong
Rupsha Express 727 RupshaU Thursday Khulna Chilahati
Rupsha Express 728 RupshaD Thursday Chilahati Khulna
Simanta Express 747 SimaU No Khulna Chilahati
Simanta Express 748 SimaD No Chilahati Khulna
Rajshahi to Chilahati
Barendra Express 731 Baren Sunday Rajshahi Chilahati
Barendra Express 732 Baren Sunday Chilahati Rajshahi
Titumir Express 733 Titu Wednesday Rajshahi Chilahati
Titumir Express 734 Titu Wednesday Chilahati Rajshahi
Rajshahi to Goalonda Ghat
Madhumati Express 755 Madhu Thursday Goalonda Rajshahi
Madhumati Express 756 Madhu Thursday Rajshahi Goalonda
Dinajpur to Santahar
Dolanchapa Express 767 Dolan No Santahar Dinajpur
Dolanchapa Express 768 Dolan No Dinajpur Santahar
Santahar to Burimari
Karotoa Express 713 Karo No Santahar Burimari
Karotoa Express 714 Karo No Burimari Santahar
Keep in mind:
  • BD train tracker is applicable for intercity trains according to Bangladesh Railway Schedule.
  • This tracking system is not applicable for the mail or local trains of Bangladesh Railway.
  • The cost for each SMS will be 4.60 including VAT and others
  • Sometimes, there may be some error in the technical crashes or natural reasons for return SMS or information.
  • BD train tracking is a service operated by Bangladesh Railway Authority. TravelplanBD will not be responsible for this service.
  • This service will not be available with the SIM of the other mobile operator companies except Robi or Banglalink.

The passengers can get all the information about the train via SMS at any time or anywhere on the mobile phone and can plan their travel according to this information. As a result, passengers will be wasted time by the BD train tracking and the additional trouble will be reduced.

Through comments, you can share your opinions and experiences with BD Train Tracker. You can join us on Facebook or Twitter to know about travel related information of Bangladesh.

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