Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Schedule & Ticket Price in 2019

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria train schedule

Are you to go from Dhaka to Brahmanbaria by train? This is the right place, where you can know Dhaka to Brahmanbaria train schedule, ticket price, train code and more.

Brahmanbaria is a peripheral district of India located in Chittagong division. Tripura State of India on the east side of this district. This Brahmanbaria is known as the district of education culture and history. The Titas Gasfield, located in this district, provides one-third of the country’s gas, which has contributed immensely to the national economy. Akhaura land port of Brahmanbaria district is a major port of the country, through which import and export of various goods with India.

Railway communication system is an important communication system for the people of this district. Brahmanbaria district has rail links with several districts including Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong. Especially the Dhaka-Brahmanbaria route is very important, so every day many people travel on the railway lines demanding different needs. The distance from the capital city of Dhaka to Brahmanbaria is about 105 kilometres.

Some intercity and mail trains travel on this route according to Dhaka to Brahmanbaria train schedule. Brahmanbaria Railway Station is a stoppage station for Inter-city trains from Dhaka to Sylhet, Dhaka to Chittagong and other routes.

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria train schedule

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria train schedule (Intercity Trains)

Train Name Train No Off day From Departure To Arrival
Parabat Express 709 Tuesday Dhaka 06:35 Brahmanbaria 08:30
Mahanagar Provati 704 No Dhaka 07:45 Brahmanbaria 09:45
Joyantika express 717 No Dhaka 12:00 Brahmanbaria 14:12
Upakul Express 712 Tuesday Dhaka 15:20 Brahmanbaria 17:30
Mahanagor Express 722 Sunday Dhaka 21:00 Brahmanbaria 23:11
Turna express 742 No Dhaka 23:30 Brahmanbaria 01:41

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria train schedule (Mail Express)

Train Name Train No Off day From Departure To
Karnaphuli express 4 No Dhaka 08:30 Brahmanbaria
Titas Commuter 34 No Dhaka 09:30 Brahmanbaria
Chattala Express 68 Tuesday Dhaka 13:00 Brahmanbaria
Demu Train 90 Friday Dhaka 13:00 Brahmanbaria
Titas Commuter 36 No Dhaka 14:40 Brahmanbaria
Chittagong Mail 2 No Dhaka 22:30 Brahmanbaria

Brahmanbaria to Dhaka train schedule

Brahmanbaria to Dhaka train schedule (Intercity Trains)

Train Name Train No From Departure To Arrival
Turna Express 741 No Brahmanbaria 03:19 Dhaka 05:25
Upakul Express 711 Wednesday Brahmanbaria 09:36 Dhaka 11:50
Joyentica Express 718 Thursday Brahmanbaria 13:39 Dhaka 16:00
Mahanagor Express 721 Sunday Brahmanbaria 16:39 Dhaka 19:00
Mahanagor Godhuli 703 No Brahmanbaria 19:09 Dhaka 21:10
Parabat Express 710 Tuesday Brahmanbaria 19:44 Dhaka 21:55

Brahmanbaria to Dhaka train schedule (Mail Express)

Train Name Train No Off day From Departure To Arrival
Dhaka Express 11 No Brahmanbaria 01:26 Dhaka 06:40
Dhaka Mail 2 No Brahmanbaria 03:54 Dhaka 06:55
Surma Mail 10 No Brahmanbaria 04:25 Dhaka 09:15
Titas Commuter 33 No Brahmanbaria 05:30 Dhaka 08:30
Comilla Comuter 89 Tuesday Brahmanbaria 08:22 Dhaka 12:50
Titas Commuter 35 No Brahmanbaria 12:30 Dhaka 15:15
Chattala Expres 67 Tuesday Brahmanbaria 13:13 Dhaka 15:35
Karnafuli Express 3 No Brahmanbaria 15:52 Dhaka 19:45

Dhaka-Brahmanbaria train ticket price

If you want to go by inter-city trains, advance tickets can be purchased but you do not have to purchase an advance ticket for Mail Express trains. But inter-city train tickets are not available with most of the time. Dhaka to Brahmanbaria ticket prices are mentioned below-

  • Second (General) – BDT. 40.00
  • Second (Mail) – BDT. 50.00
  • Commuter – BDT. 60.00
  • Sulov – BDT. 75.00
  • Shovon – BDT. 120.00
  • Shovon Chair- BDT. 145.00
  • First Chair – BDT. 190.00
  • First birth – BDT. 285.00
  • Singdha (AC)- BDT. 240.00
  • AC Seat- BDT. 275.00

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