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Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2019 (Tarakandi)

Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule

Are you searching Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule? This is the best post to you, where could know about train time table and ticket price of this route with from Dhaka to Dewanganj Bazar and Tarakandi train schedule. We have tried details about these routes here.

Jamalpur is a well-known district of Bangladesh, which belongs to Mymensingh division (to know Dhaka to Mymensingh train Schedule). Especially it is an important trade center for agricultural products. There is a link between capital Dhaka and Jamalpur by road and rail way. Rail Communication is an important and easy communication for this district.

Jamalpur district with seven sub-districts is 750 square kilometers. Train is a very popular transport for the people of this district to get rid of unhealthy traffic jams and reach the destination safely. Every day, countless people move this route by train regularly. The important railway stations of this district are Jamalpur Town, Dewanganj Bazar, and Tarakandi.

Dhaka to Jamalpur train

The Bangladesh Railway has four inter-city trains and three mail trains to this route. These trains leave at the scheduled time from Dhaka’s Kamlapur Railway Station at Kamlapur according to Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule and come back.  The journey takes about 4 to 5 hours. Traveling by Inter-city train is better than mail train for a long journey because it takes less time to travel and good seats.

Dhaka-Jamalpur route is divided into two parts. One of them is from Dhaka to Dewanganj Bazar; another is Dhaka to Tarakandi. All the trains on both routes are run by Jamalpur Town. There are some notable stoppages on the two routes.

Dhaka – Biman Bandar – Gaffargaon – Mymensingh – Jamalpur Town – Dewanganj Bazar

Dhaka – Biman Bandar – Gaffargaon – Mymensingh – Jamalpur Town – Tarakandi

Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule

Train No Train Name Off day Departure from Dhaka Arrival to Jamalpur Last Stoppage Arrival
Intercity Trains
707 Tista Express Monday 7:30 11:33 Dewangonge 12:40
735 Aghnibina Express No 9:45 13:50 Tarakandi 15:00
745 Jamuna Express No 16:40 21:30 Tarakandi 22:30
743 Bhrammaputra Express No 18:00 22:31 Dewangonge 23:50
Mail Trains
47 Dewangonj Commuter No 5:40 10:22 Dewangonge 11:40
51 Jamalpur Commuter No 15:40 20:48 Dewangonge 22:15
55 Vawal Express No 21:20 3:22 Dewangonge 5:40

If you are interest, you can visit BD train Schedule for all routes in this website.

Jamalpur to Dhaka train schedule

Train No Train Name Off day Departure from Jamalpur Arrival to Dhaka
Intercity Trains
746 Jamuna Express No 03:15 07:40
744 Bhrammaputra Express No 07:35 12:30
708 Tista Express Monday 16:00 20:10
736 Aghnibina No 17:55 22:35
Mail Trains
56 Vawal Express No 03:30 11:35
52 Jamalpur Commuter No 05:57 11:15
48 Dewangonj Commuter No 14:05 19:15

Dhaka-Jamalpur train ticket price

There are different class seats available in Dhaka-Jamalpur trains. There is mentioned Dhaka-Jamalpur train ticket price below with from Dhaka to Dewanganj and Tarakandi here.

SL Class of Seats Dhaka-Jamalpur Dhaka-Dewanganj Dhaka - Tarakandi
1 General (2nd) 50 60 55
2 Mail (2nd) 65 75 75
3 Commuter train 80 95 95
4 Sulov 95 115 110
5 Shovon 160 185 185
6 Shovon Chair 190 225 220
7 First Chair/Seat 255 300 295
8 First Birth 380 445 440
9 Snigdha 368 426 420
10 AC Seat 437 512 506

Note: Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule and ticket price is taken from Bangladesh Railway and E-ticket Service websites. Bangladesh Railway Authority may change the schedule for various reasons. VAT is applicable for all types of air-conditioned seats of Bangladesh Railway.

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