Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule, Ticket Price & Booking Process 2019

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule

Are you searching for the train schedule from Dhaka to Rajshahi? In this post, we will share Dhaka to Rajshahi train schedule, ticket price and ticket booking process with you. You can save the post by shearing on social media to find out easily in future.

Rajshahi is a division city in the northern part of Bangladesh. The ancient and traditional city of the country is situated on the bank of the famous Padma. This district is an important administrative, educational, cultural and business center in Bangladesh today. Rajshahi is also well-known for its attractive silk, mango, litchi and confectionery.

The distance is about 262 kilometers from the capital city Dhaka to Rajshahi. There is good and easy communication between to cities by road, air and rail. The train is the most popular transport to travel on this route, which is the cheapest and safety. As a result most of the people want to travel by train here.

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule

Three intercity trains of Bangladesh Railway run on this route regularly according to Dhaka to Rajshahi train schedule.  All trains travel for six days a week; there is a weekly holiday. A passenger can travel at any convenient time to him. The trains depart day and night from Kamlapur Railway Station in Dhaka. However, these intercity trains give breaks at important stations at the time of up and down.

From Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule –

Train Name Train No Off-day Departure Arrival
Dhumketue Express 769 Saturday 06:00 11:40
Silkcity express 753 Sunday 14:40 20:45
Padma Express 759 Tuesday 23:10 04:40

Therefore, many people also want to know from Rajshahi to Dhaka Train Schedule to come back. Here, we have mentioned the train time table with code and off day. At a time, it’s possible to purchase a return train ticket from railway stations.

From Rajshahi to Dhaka Train Schedule-

Train Name Train No Off-day Departure Arrival
Silkcity express 754 Sunday 07:30 13:30
Padma Express 760 Tuesday 16:00 21:40
Dhumketue Express 770 Friday 23:20 04:50

The schedule has been taken from Bangladesh Railway and Bangladesh Railway E-ticketing Service website. Keep in mind that, sometimes it can be delay of any train Bangladesh Railway to departure or arrival due to various reasons.

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Ticket Price and Booking Process

There are different types of seats available in these intercity trains of Bangladesh Railway, such as Shavon Chair, Singdha (AC) and AC Seat/Berth. In this case, AC Seat and AC Berth are same and the cabin where AC seat is available for day trips and AC Berth is for night trips.

A passenger can purchase a ticket going to a specific counter at Railway station. Bangladesh Railway has started selling tickets before 10 days from the date of journey. Most of the time, you have to stand on a long waiting line for a ticket.

Bangladesh Railway online ticket service is also available for this route. You can book a train ticket and paid the ticket price through online easily from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm. So, you no need to go to rail station or stand on a long waiting line.

Class of Seats Ticket Price
Shavon Chair 340
Singdha (AC) 656
AC Seat (Day) 782
AC Berth (Night) 1223

Note: Dhaka to Rajshahi train ticket price is same for all intercity trains. VAT is applicable with AC ticket, which is included above fare. You can see to know more-

Silkcity express

Silkcity express is the most popular train on this route which departs at 02:40 pm (Afternoon) from Kamlapur Railway Station and arrives at 08:45 pm. Actually, the train starts the journey at 07:30 am (Morning) from Rajshahi Railway Station and doesn’t run on every Sunday both routes. It takes about 6 hours to reach the destination and gives a short-break at important stations.

Dhumketue Express

The express also a popular train on Dhaka- Rajshahi route and departs 06:00 am (Morning) from Kamlapur Railway Station except for Saturday. On the hand, Dhumketue Express departs from Rajshahi Railway Sation at 11:20 pm (Night) except Friday.

Padma Express

The train has been named after the well-known Padma river of Bangladesh. Padma Express departs at night (11:10 pm) from Kamlapur Railway station and at 04:00 pm (Afternoon) from Rajshahi Railway Station. It takes about 6 hours for the journey and weekly off day on Tuesday.

Rajshahi Express

It’s a mail (Local) train, which runs on this route according to Dhaka to Rajshahi train schedule seven days in a week. Rajshahi Express departs at 12:20 am (Afternoon) from Dhaka and at 20:15 pm (Night) from Rajshahi. Actually, this kind of train isn’t suitable for a long journey. Because it takes a long time to reach the destination and seat class is very low.

We have tried to gather all the information about the Dhaka-Rajshahi train route, which may be helpful for you. If you want, you can share the journey experience on this route through comment.

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