Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule, Ticket Price and Booking in 2019

Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule with ticket price

Are you searching from Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule? So, this post will be effective for you. In this post, we will share Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule, ticket price and ticket booking process with you. However, most of the people like to travel on this by train.

Sylhet is one of the most important cities in Bangladesh, which is located in the north-east of the country. It is known economically as the most prosperous district of Bangladesh. There are a lot of tea gardens and tourist places in Sylhet. So, many native and foreign tourists have been visiting here different times of year to enjoy the attractive landscape.

The distance between the capital Dhaka and Sylhet is about 237 kilometers. There are links with Dhaka with this district by road, rail, and air way. Rail communication plays an important role in the communication system of this division. Trains are considered as preferred vehicles for all classes of people because of relatively low fares and safe travel.

From Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule

Sylhet Railway Station is the country’s third largest railway station. It is located beside the Kadamtali bus terminal in Sylhet city, from where it can be used to travel buses all over the country. Most of the passengers want to travel by trains on this route for the easy and safe communication system. So, they are interested to know Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule for traveling on this route.

Four intercity trains of Bangladesh Railway run regularly on Dhaka-Sylhet route. The trains leave Kamalapur railway station of Dhaka for Sylhet according to BD train schedule. Again, leave Sylhet railway station at the scheduled time. There are many Stoppages on this route and takes 7-8 hours to travel. From Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule is mentioned here.

Train No. Train Name Off day Departure from Dhaka Arrival to Sylhet
709 Parabat Express Tuesday 06:35 13:20
717 Joyantika Express No 12:00 19:40
773 Kalani Express Friday 16:00 22:45
739 Upaban Express Wednesday 21:50 05:20

From Sylhet to Dhaka train schedule

If you want to return by train, then you can know that Sylhet to Dhaka train schedule. In this case, you can collect up and down tickets at a time from the scheduled counter. From Sylhet to Dhaka train schedule is given below also.

Train No. Train Name Off day Departure from Sylhet Arrival to Dhaka
774 Kalani Express Friday 07:00 13:55
718 Joyantika Express Thursday 08:40 16:00
710 Parabat Express Tuesday 15:00 21:55
740 Upaban Express No 22:00 05:10

Dhaka – Sylhet train ticket prices

There are different types of seats on each train of Bangladesh Railway. Dhaka to Sylhet train ticket price is different based on the seats like other routes. VAT is applicable for air-conditioned seats of the train. We have mentioned here Dhaka to Sylhet train ticket price for various seats. However, all kind of seats is not available in a train of Bangladesh Railway.

Train Name Shavon Shavon Chair First Seat First Birth Singdha A/C Seat A/C Birth
Parabat Express - 320 425 - 610 736 -
Joyantika Express 265 320 425 - - 736 -
Upaban Express 265 320 425 690 - - 1149
Kalani Express 265 320 425 - - - -

(Cabin seats are First Birth, A/C Seat and A/C Birth)

Train ticket booking/purchase process

If you want to travel anywhere by train of Bangladesh Railway, you must collect tickets before going. Usually, Bangladesh Railway started selling a ticket of intercity trains from 10 days before the journey date for all routes. It is best to purchase the tickets as soon as possible because the passengers are under pressure on important routes in the railway.

There are three ways for Dhaka to Sylhet train ticket booking. Firstly, you can purchase tickets from the scheduled counter at the railway station. Second and thirdly, the booking of train ticket is available through online or mobile. Through this process, a passenger can easily purchase tickets at home.

However, many people interest to know about the train ticket booking process, which runs according to Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule. So, we have mentioned about the ticket booking process.  Keep in mind that, the trains don’t stop all railway station on this route. Here, we have discussed the stoppage of these intercity trains. If you are interested to purchase a train ticket through online, you can see the processing from below.

Train Schedule from Dhaka to Sylhet with Stoppages

Parabat Express

It is the only modern and luxurious train among the trains that are on Dhaka-Sylhet route. Parabat Express leaves at 6:35 am from Kamalapur Railway Station according to Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule. Again, returns from Sylhet Railway Station at 3:00 pm. It is the best train to travel this route. Parabat Express weekly closed on Tuesday.

Stoppage – Biman Bandar, Bhairab Bazar, Brahmanbaria, Azampur , Nayapara, Shaistaganj, Srimangal, Bhanugach, Kulaura, Maizgaon

Joyantika Express

It’s a favorite train on this route also.  Joyantika express leaves at 12:.00 pm from Kamlapur Railway Station according to Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule and runs seven days in a week. On the hand, the train leaves at 8:40 am from Sylhet without Thursday.

Stoppage – Biman Bandar, Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria, Azampur, Mukundapur, Harashpur, Mantala, Nayapara, Shahaji bazar, Shaistaganj, Srimangal, Bhanugach, Kulaura, Maizgaon

Upaban Express

The train travels on the route during the night only. Upaban Express departs at 11:50 pm from Dhaka without Wednesday and 10:00 pm from Sylhet on seven days a week. If you like to travel at night, you can ride this train.

Stoppage- Biman Bandar, Narsingdi, Bhairab Bazar, Akhaura, Shaistaganj, Srimangal, Bhanugach, Shamshernaga, Kulaura, Maizgaon

Kalani Express

This train runs on both routes six days a week except Friday. The train leaves at 4:00 pm from Dhaka’s Kamlapur Railway Station and 7:00 am from Sylhet according to Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule.

Stoppage– Biman Bandar, Azampur, Shaistaganj, Srimangal, Shamshernaga, Kulaura, Maizgaon

All of the information is collected from Bangladesh Railway and E-ticket Service websites. Keep mind it that, sometimes Bangladesh Railway may change due to different reasons during the time of departure or arrival. However, a passenger can know the current location of the train by BD train tracker.

If you want to know more about Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule, then you can let us know via the comments. You can also join us on Facebook or Twitter to get travel information. Be happy your journey.

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