Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule, Distance & Ticket Price 2019

Dhaka to Tangail train schedule and ticket price

Are you searching Dhaka to Tangail train schedule? So, this post for you, where can know train schedule, distance and ticket fare including Tangail to Dhaka train schedule. The post will be helpful for travelling on this route.

Tangail district is a well-known district under the Dhaka Division, which is about 97 kilometres from the capital city Dhaka. The district situated on the bank of Jamuna River is famous for its Chamcham sweet and Tangail sari. The communication of this district with other districts is quite good.

There is a railway station in the district of Tangail, which is an important means of contact with other districts. With simple and secure communication, many people travel by train this route every day. Originally, the trains in the western part of the Bangladesh Railway travel through this route, among them from Dhaka to Khulna, Dhaka to Rajshahi, Dhaka to Rangpur routes are notable. Most trains that run on the western side provide a break in the Tangail railway station according to Dhaka to Tangail train schedule.

Many people want to know about this route train schedule to travel from Tangail to Dhaka from the capital Dhaka. So, we have tried to share with you from Dhaka to Tangail train schedule and Tangail to Dhaka train schedule also for returning. Every day many intercity and mail trains of Bangladesh Railway run on this route. The trains left Kamlapur railway station in Dhaka according to the BD train schedule and returned for Dhaka from Tangail railway station.

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule

Tangail is a stoppage station of the trains, which run western part of the Bangladesh Railway. We have mentioned Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule of intercity trains below. You can travel on this route by any trains according to your time of choice. The trains depart from Dhaka Biman Bandar Railway Station at 20 to 30 minutes after leaving at Kamalapur Railway Station.

Train No Train Name Off day From Departure To Arrival Destination
769 Dumkatu Express Saturday Dhaka 06:00 Tangail 08:00 Rajshahi
726 Sundarban Express Tuesday Dhaka 06:20 Tangail 08:35 Khulna
765 Nill Sagar Express Monday Dhaka 08:00 Tangail 10:20 Chilahati
705 Ekota Express Tuesday Dhaka 10:00 Tangail 12:04 Dinajpur
753 Silkcity Express Sunday Dhaka 14:40 Tangail 17:06 Rajshahi
776 Sirajgonj Express Saturday Dhaka 17:00 Tangail 19:35 Sirajgonj
764 Chitra Express Monday Dhaka 19:00 21:10 Khulna
757 Drutajan Express Wednesday Dhaka 20:00 Tangail 22:04 Dinajpur
751 Lalmoni Express Friday Dhaka 22:10 Tangail 00:19 Lalmanirhat
759 Padma Express Tuesday Dhaka 23:10 Tangail 01:06 Rajshahi
551 Local No Dhaka 11:40 Tangail 12:54

Tangail to Dhaka Train Schedule

Again, the trains left from different routes in the western part of the Bangladesh Railway paused at Tangail Railway Station and left for Dhaka in due time. Tangail to Dhaka Train Schedule is mentioned below.

Train No Train Name Off day From Departure To Arrival Coming From
725 Sundarban Express Tuesday Tangail 03:30 Dhaka 5:40 Khulna
766 Nill Sagar Express Sunday Tangail 04:52 Dhaka 07:10 Chilahati
706 Ekota Express Monday Tangail 05:42 Dhaka 08:10 Dinajpur
775 Sirajgonj Express Saturday Tangail 07:58 Dhaka 10:15 Sirajgonj
754 Silkcity Express Sunday Tangail 11:08 Dhaka 13:30 Rajshahi
763 Chitra Express Monday Tangail 15:20 Dhaka 17:40 Khulna
758 Drutajan Express Wednesday Tangail 16:08 Dhaka 18:10 Dinajpur
752 Lalmoni Express Friday Tangail 18:47 Dhaka 20:55 Lalmanirhat
760 Padma Express Tuesday Tangail 19:30 Dhaka 21:40 Rajshahi
551 Local No Tangail 08:42 Dhaka 11:00

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Dhaka to Tangail Train Ticket Price

If you want to go from Dhaka to Tangail or Tragaile to Dhaka, then you will have to purchase a train ticket from the scheduled counter. The ticket of the inter-city train of Bangladesh Railway is collected in advance. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to get a ticket. It is also mentioned below to know from Dhaka to Tangail train ticket price.

  • General (Second) – BDT. 40.00
  • Mail (Second) – BDT. 50.00
  • Commuter – BDT. 60.00
  • Sulov – BDT. 75.00
  • Shovon – BDT. 120.00
  • Shovon Chair- BDT. 145.00
  • First Chair – BDT. 190.00
  • First birth – BDT. 285.00
  • Singdha (AC)- BDT. 240.00
  • AC Seat- BDT. 275.00

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