Rangpur express Train Schedule, Ticket Price and Stoppage Stations

Rangpur express Train Schedule and Ticket Price

If you want to go from Dhaka to Rangpur by train, then Rangpur express train is best for you. In this post, we will share the train schedule, ticket price, stoppage stations and other necessary information of this train with you.

Rangpur Express is a train that runs from Dhaka to Rangpur and Rangpur to Dhaka, which is one of the fast and luxurious trains of the Bangladesh Railway. In 2011, the Bangladesh Railway introduced the train to make transport easier for the people of country’s northern region. After the 2011 trip, the train got a lot of popularity.  Every day a lot of people travel by train on this route, because safely and on time the destination is reached. Two intercity trains of running regularly on Dhaka-Rangpur route according to BD Train schedule, another train is Ekota Express.

Rangpur express train schedule

The train started from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station at 9 am (Morning) and reached Rangpur Railway station at 7 pm (Evening) according to Rangpur Express Train Schedule. It takes 10 hours to travel on this route. Again, The train left at 8 pm (Night) from Rangpur and reached to Kamalapur railway station at 6.05 am (Morning). The train regularly travels for the remaining six days except for Sunday according to the Rangpur Express Train Schedule. Sunday is the weekly off day of the train.

Route Train Code Departure Arrival
From Dhaka to Rangpur 771 09:00 19:00
From Rangpur to Dhaka 772 20:00 06:05

Rangpur Express Train ticket price

You can purchase an advance ticket from the scheduled counter from the railway station for travel to the train. Train tickets can be purchased through online also. There are three types of seats on the train. Rangpur Express train is given below to mention the seat name below-

  • AC Seat – BDT. 1162.00
  • Singdha (AC) – BDT. 966.00
  • Shavon Chair- 505.00

Stoppage stations of Rangpur express

According to the Rangpur express train schedule, providing short-term breaks several stations for the passengers to get up and down. The stoppage stations are mentioned below-

Dhaka to Rangpur Departure Rangpur to Dhaka Departure
Biman Bandar Station 09:32 Kaunia 20:40
BB Setu (East) 11:37 Pirgacha 20:58
Chatmohar 12:56 Bamandanga 21:18
Natore 13:58 Gaibandha 21:50
Santaher 15:05 Bonarpara 22:21
Bogura 15:45 Bogura 23:08
Bonarpara 16:36 Santaher 23:55
Gaibandha 17:00 Natore 00:55
Bamandanga 17:36 Chatmohar 03:42
Pirgacha 17:57 BB Setu (East) 05:27
Kaunia 18:35 Biman Bandar Station 06:15

Note: The above information (Departure time of Stoppage stations) is taken from Bangladesh Railway E-ticketing Service website.

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