Sundarban Express Train Schedule, Ticket price & Code (Dhaka to Khulna)

Sundarban Express train schedule and ticket price

Sundarban express is an intercity train of Bangladesh Railway on Dhaka- Khulna route. In this post, we will describe Sundarban express train schedule, ticket price, and others with you.

Khulna is one of the important cities of Bangladesh. This city has connectivity with the capital of Dhaka by railway. Two trains of Bangladesh Railway run on this route according to the BD train Schedule. One of which is Sundarban express, the other is the Chitra express. These trains are running on regular Dhaka-Khulna route from Kamalapur Railway Station.

Sundarban express train schedule

The train is a popular and well-known train that route. The Sundarbans Express train travels for six days a week. The train was closed from Dhaka on Wednesday and Khulna on Tuesday. The train leaves at 06:20 am according to Dhaka to Khulna train schedule from Kamalapur railway station. Again, it leaves at 20:30 am from Khulna Railway Station for Dhaka. It takes about 10 hours to reach the destination. Here, Sundarban express train schedule is mentioned with train code.

Destination Train No. Train Code Off day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Khulna 726 Sundar Wednesday 06:20 15:40
Khulna to Dhaka 725 Sundar Tuesday 20:30 05:40

Train ticket price of Sundarban Express

There are different types of seat in this train likewise Chitra express. You have to purchase a ticket before the journey from the scheduled counter of Railway Station. However, you can also be purchased the tickets through the online or mobile phone. Sundarban express train ticket prices are-

  • Shovon Chair (Non-air-conditioned) – BDT. 505.00
  • Snigdha (Air-conditioned) – BDT. 966.00
  • AC Seat (Cabin) – BDT 1156.00 (Day)
  • AC Berth (Cabin) – BDT. 1781.00 (Night)

Sundarban express route or stoppages

Sundarban express train breaks on many stoppages during the journey to Dhaka-Khulna route. The train is going on this route through the Jamuna Bridge because there is no bridge on Padma River. As a result, it takes a lot of time to travel. On the other hand, it takes 5/6 hours to travel on the highway. Sundarban express train route-

Dhaka – Gazipur – Trangail – Sirajganj – Ishurdi – Kushtia – Chuadanga – Jessore – Khulna

The stoppages of Sundarban express are also mentioned below-

No From Dhaka to Khulna Departure Time From Khulna to Dhaka Departure Time
1 Biman Bandar 6:52 Daulatpur 19:45
2 Joydebpur 7:25 Noapara 20:19
3 Mouchak 7:43 Jessore 21:38
4 Mirzapur 8:07 Court Chandpur 21:43
5 Tangail 8:35 Chuadanga 22:37
6 BB Setu (East) 9:11 Alamdanga 22:57
7 SM Monsur Ali 9:36 Poradaha 23:18
8 Jamtoil 9:50 Bheramara 23:59
9 Ullapara 10:05 Ishurdi 0:35
10 Boral bridge 10:27 Chatmohar 1:02
11 Chatmohar 10:39 Boral bridge 1:20
12 Ishurdi 11:30 Ullapara 1:50
13 Bheramara 11:58 Jamtoil 2:14
14 Poradaha 12:21 SM Monsur Ali 2:25
15 Alamdanga 12:40 Tangail 3:30
16 Chuadanga 13:05 Mirzapur 3:57
17 Darsana Halt 13:27 Joydebpur 4:38
18 Court Chandpur 14:45 Biman Bandar 4:58
19 Jessore 14:45
20 Noapara 15:18
21 Daulatpur 15:51

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Note: However, the train departure and arrival time are collected from the websites of Bangladesh Railway and E-ticket Service. Sometimes, any train schedule may have to be changed by the Bangladesh Railway due to various reasons. In this case, you could know the current location of all intercity train by using BD train tracker.

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