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US-Bangla Airlines Ticket Price, Flight Schedule & Contact Number

US-Bangla Airlines Ticket Price, Flight Schedule & Office Contact Number

US-Bangla Airlines is the most popular and well-known airline in Bangladesh, which is a subsidiary US Bangla Group (Joint venture between the United States and Bangladesh). In this post, we will share US-Bangla Airlines ticket price, flight schedule, contact number and more.

In July 2014, the Airlines started their operation. Within a few years of the establishment for fair fare and best services, US Airways became one of the largest and most popular airways in Bangladesh. Initially, the US-Bangla Airlines operate the domestic flights across the country with on-time performance and passenger’s comfort. As a result, they are able to create demand among the customers and the number of domestic flights continued to grow gradually.

For the domestic flight, they use the Bombardia Dash 8-Q 400 aircraft built in Canada. In a very short time, due to sincere efforts and popularity among the customers, the airline has been able to operate regular flights on eight domestic routes. US-Bangla Airlines are operating on these routes with a great reputation for a long time.

US-Bangla Flight Schedule

From the beginning, the US-Bangla Airlines wanted to achieve the passenger’s satisfaction. After getting popularity on domestic destinations, they concentrate on international destinations. On this reason, several Boeing 737-800 aircraft are connected to the fleet. US Airways is currently successfully running regular flights on seven international destinations.

At present, US Airlines operates regular flights to 7 domestic and 8 international destinations, which is the highest in Bangladesh as a private airline.  Thinking about the demands of air passengers, the airline is planning to increase the number of international flight shortly.

US-Bangla Airlines flight number of domestic destination-

Routes Flight Number Days
Dhaka – Chittagong 8 Daily
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar 2 Daily
Dhaka – Sylhet 3 Daily
Dhaka – Jessore 4 Daily
Dhaka – Rajshahi 1 Daily
Dhaka – Syedpur 4 Daily
Dhaka – Barisal 1 Daily

 US-Bangla Airlines flight schedule for international destinations  

Routes Departure Arrival Days
Dhaka – Kolkata 10:00 10:25  Daily
Dhaka – Kuala Lumpur 08:00 14:50  Daily
Dhaka – Singapore 22:30 04:30  Sat, Mon, Tue, Thu
Dhaka – Bangkok 10:20 13:40 Sun, Tue, Thu, Fri
Dhaka – Doha (Qatar) 17:45 22:30 Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri
Dhaka – Guangzhou (China) 22:10 03:50 Sat, Tue, Thu
Dhaka – Mascot (Oman) 21:10 02:00 Daily (Except Monday)
Dhaka – Chennai 09:10 12:45 Sun, Tue, Thu

* Flight departure is changed frequently, so we don’t mention it here. On the other hand, the air ticket price is changed from time to time.  To get the update of US-Bangla Airlines ticket price or US Bangla Flight Schedule of any destination, you can visit the following link.


* All fights show here are in local time. US-Bangla Airlines flight schedule is subject to change without prior notice for various reasons.

US-Bangla Airlines Ticket Price

The US-Bangla Airlines first tried to increase the popularity of passengers with good quality service as low as possible. Keeping in mind the passengers of different classes, this airline has launched several packages on their flights. These are Discounted, Restricted, Limited Offer, Promotional, Regular and Business Class. For your convenience, we made a list of the fares for several destinations.

Here only the highest and lowest fares of specific routes are mentioned with the name of the package. Keep in mind that, the Airline’s fare is variable. Air fares can be a little less for different reasons. The decision of the concerned airline will be considered finally in any change or modification of the air ticket price.

US-Bangla Airlines ticket price charts for domestic destinations –

Routes Fare
Dhaka – Chittagong 2,500 – 8,700
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar 3,650 – 10,500
Dhaka – Sylhet 2,699 – 6,200
Dhaka – Jessore 2,599 – 5,600
Dhaka – Rajshahi 2,699 – 6,000
Dhaka – Syedpur 2,699 – 7,700
Dhaka – Barisal 2,699 – 6,000

US-Bangla Airlines ticket price charts of international destinations –

Routes Fare
Dhaka – Kolkata 5,530 – 15,794
Dhaka – Kuala Lumpur 18,200 – 35,525
Dhaka – Singapore 22,850 – 39,206
Dhaka – Bangkok 12,003 – 31,913
Dhaka – Doha (Qatar) 21,910 – 35,175
Dhaka – Guangzhou (China) 22,097 – 65,826
Dhaka – Mascot (Oman) 22,098 – 36,202
Dhaka – Chennai 15,043 – 25,141

* Dhaka – Chennai will be running from 31 April 2019.

Fleet the Airlines

Inside of US-Bangla Airlines

There are seven aircraft in the fleet of US-Bangla Airlines. Among these, there are 4 Boeing 737-800 and three bombers dash 8Q 400 aircraft. Two more Boeing 737-800 aircraft will be added to the fleet of US Bengal last year. Besides, the airline is planning to buy more planes and lease some aircraft to meet rising flight requirements.

Boeing 737-800 models are used for international flights and the aircrafts are configured by eight seats in Business class and 156 seats in Economy class. The famous Boeing Company has added two powerful CFM 56 engines to this plane. Both the business and economy classes of this aircraft have excellent seats. Business class seats are 45-inch and Economy seats have 32-inch spaces which are quite comfortable.

Bombardier’s Dash 8Q 400 model aircraft carry 76 passengers, which are usually used in domestic or short international destinations. These Canadian-made aircraft are small but quite strong and comfortable enough. With the passenger, the aircraft can move about 670 kilometers per hour. These airlines don’t have any business class, all of seat economy class.

Contact Number and Office Address for booking Tickets

An air traveler can buy a ticket of US-Bangla Airlines in two ways. There are many sales outlets in important cities across the country for booking tickets. The online ticket booking system is also available for US-Bangla Airlines.

Besides, a passenger can confirm the tickets going nearest ticket outlets or make a call to know the update of US-Bangla Airlines Ticket Price and flight schedule. We have mentioned here US-Bangla Airlines contact number with address of sales outlets.

Sales Office Address Contact Number
Arif Plaza, 41-Kemal Ataturk Avenue,Banani +8801777777810, +8801777777811
214, Habib Super Market, Gulshan Circle-1, Dhaka +8801777777861
Taher Shopping Center ( 1 st floor) , Gulshan-2, Dhaka +8801777777853, +8801777777854
 Orchid Plaza Shopping Complex, (Beside Rapa Plaza), Dhanmondi +8801777777812, +8801777777813
House- 20, Sector-7, Lake Drive Road Uttara Model Town, Uttara +8801777777814, +8801777777815
Baitul View Tower(16th Floor), 56/1 Purana Paltan, Motijheel 01777777886
House- 77, Sohrawardi Avenue, Baridhara +8801777777820
House-8, Road-2, Block- C, Banasree, Rampura +8801777777821
Dhaka Airport +8801777777816, +8801777777817
Agrabad Hotel, Agrabad C/A +8801777777822, +8801777777823
Modina Tower, GEC More, Nasirabad +8801777777824, +8801777777825
Room- 02, BEPZA complex +8801777777827
Chittagong Airport +8801777777828
Raj Mansion, Niloy-15, Chowhatta, Sylhet +8801777777829, +8801777777830
Domestic Terminal, Sylhet +8801777777870
Khan Complex, 77-Mujib Road, Kotwali, Jessore +8801777777833, +8801777777834
Nurjhan Complex ,41, Ibrahim Mia Road, Shibbari More, Khulna +8801777777838, +8801777777839
Jessore Airport +8801777777836, +8801777777837
Dr.Zikrul Hoque Road, Saidpur +8801777777844, +8801777777845
Saidpur Airport +8801777777872
RDRS Building, Jail Road, Bangladesh Bank Circle, Radhaballav, Kotwali, Rangpur +8801777777847
223 Sultanabad(2nd floor),New Market Road,Rajshahi +8801777777850, +8801777777851
Rajshahi Airport +8801777777875
Cox’s bazar
Hotel Kollol Complex (Ground Floor), Laboni Beach Road, Cox’s Bazar +8801777-777841
Cox’s Bazar Airport +8801777777872
Barisal Airport +8801777777874

With an expressed motto “Fly Fast, Fly Safe,” US-Bangla Airlines started its journey and had to overcome many unfavorable situations. However, they are committed to providing a dependable, utmost safe, ultimate comfortable and cost-effective air travel to their passengers. For that, USA Bengal is one of the biggest and most successful private airlines of the country at the same time.

Source- US Bangla Official Website

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