NovoAir Flight Schedule, Ticket Price, Office Address and Contact Number

NovoAir Flight Schedule, Ticket Price

NovoAir is one of the private airways in Bangladesh operating the flights with a good reputation. In 2013, Navoir started its journey as the fourth airline of the country. Initially, the airline started only with Dhaka-Chittagong flight, but in just a short time the flights started in Cox’s Bazar, Jessore and Sylhet. In this post, we have share NovoAir flight schedule, ticket price and contact number.

In 2013, only two flights started with the aircraft, but this airline quickly increased their aircraft and flights in the domestic destination. Behind this, the growing demand of customers and the management of NovoAir’s business right. Because of this, the air passengers have been able to create a positive identity for themselves from the beginning. For that reason, contacts and subscriber numbers of NovoAir have increased over time.

NovoAir Flight Schedule

At present, this airline operates six domestic destinations and only one international destination from Dhaka according to NovoAir flight schedule. There are three international airports in Bangladesh. The destinations of NovoAir are:

  • Dhaka – Shahjalal International Airport (Hub)
  • Chittagong – Shah Amanat International Airport
  • Rajshahi – Shah Makhdum Airport
  • Jessore – Jessore Airport
  • Cox’s Bazar – Cox’s Bazar Airport
  • Sylhet – Osmani International Airport
  • Syedpur – Syedpur Airport
  • Kolkata – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport

Here, we have mentioned NovoAir flight schedule according to destinations.

Flight No Departure Arrival Days
Dhaka – Chittagong
VQ901 7:30 8:25 Daily
VQ903 8:15 9:10 Daily
VQ909 13:00 13:55 Daily
VQ911 15:10 16:05 Daily
VQ917 19:00 19:55 Daily
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar
VQ931 8:30 9:35 Daily
VQ933 9:15 10:20 Daily
VQ935 11:40 12:45 Daily
VQ937 13:30 14:35 Daily
VQ939 15:00 16:05 Daily
Dhaka – Jessore
VQ941 8:30 9:10 Daily
VQ943 11:10 11:50 Daily
VQ945 16:45 17:25 Daily
VQ947 18:10 18:50 Daily
Dhaka – Sylhet
VQ951 12:30 13:20 Daily
VQ953 19:00 19:50 Daily
Dhaka – Syedpur
VQ961 9:30 10:30 Daily
VQ963 11:00 12:00 Daily
VQ965 16:00 17:00 Daily
VQ967 18:00 19:00 Daily
Dhaka – Rajshahi
VQ971 10:25 11:15 Daily
Dhaka – Barisal
VQ977 14:00 14:40 Daily
Dhaka – Kolkata
VQ721 12:30 13:05 Daily
VQ723 16:50 17:25 Daily

Note: NovoAir flight schedule can be changed any time and visit following website to get updated information. A passenger can also know NovoAir ticket price from this website and buy a ticket easily.

NovoAir Website

NovoAir Ticket Price

NovoAir is committed to limiting the price of their air tickets from the beginning. NovoAir has always wanted to make travel a bit more popular in Bangladesh. Therefore, they have always been able to hire their airplanes, as well as the middle-class and lower middle-class people.

The airline sells tickets in many packages for their valued passengers such as special Promo, Promo, Special, Discount, Saver, Flexible. Among them, the Novoair ticket price of special promo package is the lowest and the price of the flexible is the highest.

For your convenience, we have made a list of NovoAir Ticket Price. Keep in mind that, air ticket fare is variable, which may change at any time. Any change in NovoAir ticket price is dependent on the respective airlines.

Routes Fare
Dhaka – Chittagong 2,500 – 7,800
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar 3,900 – 9,500
Dhaka – Sylhet 2,700 – 6,600
Dhaka – Jessore 2,700 – 7,100
Dhaka – Rajshahi 2,700 – 8,200
Dhaka – Syedpur 2,700 – 7,100
Dhaka – Barisal 2,700 – 7,100
Dhaka – Kolkata 6,000 – 11,000

Fleet of Airlines

NovoAir started their journey with the emberera ERJ 145 model aircraft manufactured by Brazil’s Embraer Company, which capable of carrying 50 passengers. Later, NovoAir changed their aircraft model to the new model as they added the ATR 72-500 model to their fleet. The models of this model were produced by France-Italy joint venture ATR.

These aircraft are capable of carrying 72 passengers in a single class seat format and have a strong PW127F engine and two side-by-side blades with two big propellers. This model has a very effective auto pilot in the airplanes that can help a lot in any unfavorable circumstances. On the hand, there is also enough space for the cargo.

NovoAir Seat

NovoAir is the country’s first airline to start a flyer program considering the convenience of the passengers, which name is “SMILES”. The purpose of this program is to get some extra benefit from those who travel regularly. To enjoy this facility, the customer has to make a smileys account. Customers’ travel information will be kept in this account. The number of points that will be added to the subscriber will be added to the NovoAir. After the submission of a certain amount of points, the client will be able to enjoy some benefits in return for those points.

Sales Office Address and Contact Number

Office Address Contact Number
Dhaka Office
Corporate Office: House-50, Road-11, Block-F, Banani 13603, +8809666722224
House-50 (First Floor), Road-11, Block-F, Banani +8801755656662
Z Tower (Ground Floor), Plot-4, Road-132, Gulshan 1 +8801755656665
Karim Chamber (Ground Floor), 99, Motijheel C/A +8801755656648
Shop #15, New Colony Masjid Market (First Floor) 01, Asad Gate, Mohammadpur +8801755656643
Counter 1  : Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Domestic Terminal +8801755656663
Counter 2: Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Domestic Terminal +8801755656667
Chittagong Office
Husna Mansion (2nd Floor), 1702 CDA Avenue, GEC Circle +8801755656666, 0312558281/82
Ayub Trade Center (Ground Floor), 1269/B ,Sheikh Mujib Road, Agrabad C/A +880312521931, +8801755656659
Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong +880-1755656668
Cox’s Bazar Office
Hotel Sea Palace (Front Side Market), Kolatoli Road +8801755656669; 0341-63142
Cox’s Bazar Airport +880-1755656604
Sylhet Office
Anando Tower (Ground Floor), Jail Road +8801755656672; 0821-728960
Osmani Internatinal Airport +8801755656605
Jessore & Khulna Office
Rail Road, Chourasta, Jessore +8801755656670
Jessore Airport +8801755656603
K.D.A Bhaban ( Ground floor ), K.D.A Avenue, Khulna +880-1755656671; 041-2833135; 041-2831365
G-87, DM Bhaban, Oloker Mor, Station Road, Boalia. +8801755656657
Holding No# 0011 (Ground Floor), Shahid Dr. Zikrul Haque Road, Saidpur, Nilphamari +8801755656656
47, Dhap Cantonment Road, Rangpur +8801755656647
Saidpur Airport +880-1755656606
Barishal Office
Hotel Melody (1st Floor), Agarpur Road, Barishal Sadar +880-1755656658
Kolkata, India
Chowringhee Mansions, Room# B & C, Block# E, A/2D, Dr. MD Ishaque Road (Kyd Street) +91-9836333603, +91-9836133603
Counter No.27 at Arrival Area, New Integrated Building (Terminal – 2), Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport +91 98747 23603

Keep in mind that, NovoAir flight schedule or NovoAir Ticket Price may change at any time, depending on the concerned airlines. There are two ways to buy the air ticket to travel by this airline. A passenger can buy a ticket going to the mentioned sales office of NovoAir. Besides, he can also buy a ticket online at home easily from NovoAir website.

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