Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2019 (All trains)

Dhaka to Mymensingh train schedule

Many people want to know from Dhaka to Mymensingh train schedule.  So, in this post, we want to share train schedules, distance and train ticket price from Dhaka to Mymensingh. If you like to travel by train this route, so the post will be helpful for you.

Divisional district of Mymensingh is one of the important districts in Bangladesh. And the city of this district is one of the important cities of the country. It known as the country’s education city, there are some important educational institutions of the country.  Notable among them are Bangladesh Agricultural University,  Polytechnic Institute, Mymensingh Girls Cadet College and Medical College etc. The railway and the roadways are the main way of connecting this district with other districts.

Mymensingh district has railway on many routes of the country for long periods. From Dhaka to Mymensingh route is the most important among those. The distance between these two districts is about 113 kilometres. Many people of this district live in the capital city of Dhaka for livelihood. Every day, many people travel on this route demanding the need. It is a good way to communicate between the two districts by train. According to Dhaka to Mymensingh train schedule, some intercity and mail trains of Bangladesh Railway run regularly on this route.

Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule

Currently, Bangladesh Railway operates six inter-city trains on this route regularly. According to Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule, everyday trains depart from Kamalapur Railway Station of Dhaka within 7 am to 12 am. After 30 minutes of leaving Kamalapur railway station, the departure from the Dhaka Biman Bandar Railway Station. So you can ride on the train from your convenient station. There are weekly off day for some intercity trains on this route, but run the remaining six days in a week.  If you want to travel from Dhaka to Mymensingh, intercity trains will be good for you. Dhaka to Mymensingh train schedule is mentioned below-

Train No Train Name Off day From Departure To Arrival Destination
707 Tista Express Monday Dhaka 07:20 Mymensingh 10:35 Dewangonj Bazar
735 Aghnibina Express No Dhaka 09:40 Mymensingh 12:37 Tarakandi
789 Mohangonj Express Monday Dhaka 16:20 Mymensingh 17:20 Mohangonj
745 Jamuna express No Dhaka 16:40 Mymensingh 20:00 BB Setu East
743 Brahmaputra Express No Dhaka 18:00 Mymensingh 21:20 Dewangonj Bazar
777 Hawr Express Wednesday Dhaka 23:50 Mymensingh 03:50 Mohongonj

Mymensingh to Dhaka Train Schedule

Again these trains left from Mymensingh Railway Station for Dhaka according to the Bangladesh Railway train schedule. Mymensingh to Dhaka Train Schedule is given below-

Train No Train Name Off day From Departure To Arrival Come From
790 Mohangonj Express Monday Mymensingh 03:02 Dhaka 06:20 Mohangonj
746 Jamuna Express No Mymensingh 04:35 Dhaka 07:40 BB Setu East
744 Brahmaputra Express No Mymensingh 9:10 Dhaka 12:30 Dewangonj Bazar
778 Hawr Express Thursday Mymensingh 11:00 Dhaka 14:15 Mohongonj
708 Tista Express Monday Mymensingh 17:10 Dhaka 20:10 Dewangonj Bazar
736 Aghnibina Express No Mymensingh 19:15 Dhaka 22:35 Tarakandi

Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule (Mail Trains)

In addition to inter-city trains, some mail trains also run seven days in a week on this route, which are known as the local train. If you don’t get inter-city train ticket, then you can travel through this mail train. However, due to the low-quality train and long journey time, it will not be better for you to travel on this route by mail trains. For your reference, from Dhaka to Mymensingh mail train schedule and Mymensingh to Dhaka mail train schedule for mail is mentioned here also.

Dhaka to Mymensingh Departure Mymensingh to Dhaka Departure
Dewangonj Commuter 05:40 Vawal Express 05:30
Mahua Express 08:10 Jamalpur Commuter 7:33
Balaka Comuter 10:30 Isha Khan Express 12:00
Isakhan express 11:30 Balaka Commuter 13:45
Jamalpur Commuter 15:40 Dewangonj Commuter 15:33
Vawal Express 21:00 Mahua Express 17:22

You also see:

Dhaka to Mymensingh Ticket Price

The ticket will be purchased from the scheduled counter to travel by trains, which run according to Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule. Intercity train tickets will be collected in advance, which will start from 10 days before the date of the journey. But there is no need to buy advance tickets in the mail train. VAT applicable with air conditioning seats, which are included with the following fares. Dhaka to Mymensingh ticket price is given below-

  • Second General -BDT.35.00
  • Second Mail – BDT.50.00
  • Commuter – BDT.60.00
  • Sulov – BDT.70.00
  • Shovon – BDT.120.00
  • Shovon Chair – BDT.140.00
  • First Class Chair – BDT.185.00
  • First Birth – BDT.280.00
  • Snigdha (AC)- BDT.271.00
  • AC Seat – BDT. 322.00
  • AC Birth – BDT.483.00

If want to travel this route by train, the intercity train will be good for your journey. We have tried to give you detailed information from Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule and ticket price. If you need to know more about this route, then you can contact us by commenting. If we know about this, we will try to reply as soon as possible. You can join us on Facebook or Twitter to get travel related information of Bangladesh.

Note: Dhaka to Mymensingh Train schedules and ticket fares are taken from Bangladesh Railway and Bangladesh Railway e-ticket service website. Sometimes this time has been changed according to the Bangladesh Railway schedule.

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